When you start a new blog, whether it is for a new business venture as a promotional tool or whether it is as a business in its own right, there are a lot of things to think about. Deciding on the best hosting package to suit your needs is one, as is finding a good domain name. You will probably also want to look in to a good data recovery service if the data your site gathers is going to be mission critical to your enterprise.

Why You Need to Choose the Right Design Style for Your New Blog

Making Your Site Work for You

Of course, none of these more practical decisions mean a lot if your site doesn’t look right for what you do and doesn’t have great content people can easily find and share.

Choosing the right design for your site is one of the most significant early decisions in launching a site for business, and here, we are going to look at why that is:

Your Site as a Showcase

You may think that as long as your site looks presentable, it doesn’t really matter exactly which template or theme you use. However, this is actually not the case. Your site should showcase what you do best as a business, and picking a design that is relevant to that is key. Are you a restaurant who wants to show off the beauty of their specialties, or a salon who wants to show amazing before and after hair transformations? If so, you will want a more photo heavy site design than a similar business who wants to share recipes or cooking tutorials in video form, or who wants to give step by step guides to creating certain looks.

It is not just about the type of business you are, but what kind of content you want to offer.


This all comes down to branding. To use the examples from before, some restaurants want to offer a feeling of exclusivity whereas others want to be approachable and interesting. Some salons want to show their amazing results, whereas others want to build a following of beauty fans who can find information about ways to replicate what they get at that venue at home. These are all good ways to win customers, but which kind of brand you want to be is something that needs to be reflected in your site layout.

Do you want to let pictures speak for themselves, or do you want to offer friendly news updates in text form? There is no right answer but having a feel for what kind of brand you want to be can enable you to choose the right site layout to provide your content at its best.

Never underestimate the importance of choosing the right website template or WordPress theme. Unless you want to do a rebrand later on, you are committed to the look you have given your site, and it is vital that it is of the right type to show off your brand’s feel and what you do.

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