It’s important that people who visit your website know that you are a legitimate business that owns and runs the site. They want to deal with a business that understands the value of online security. This is why it’s important to treat the security of your website as high priority. Part of this is ensuring you have an SSL certificate in place.

What is an SSL certificate

In this article, we are going to talk about what an SSL certificate is. We are also going to explain why they are so important to your business.

What is meant by an SSL certificate?

If your business has an SSL certificate in place for its website this acts as confirmation that the site is legitimately owned and run by the business. It helps to confirm that users’ information is secure when they visit your website, and provide details to you.

If you are going to obtain an SSL certificate you need to do so through a recognised provider, such as Symantec or GoDaddy. You have to deal with one of the Certificate Authorities in order to obtain an SSL certificate.

Not just one type of SSL certificate

It’s important to note that there is more than one type of SSL certificate. You can invest in a basic certificate for as little as $9.00. If all you want to do is confirm the legitimacy of your online presence, this is a good choice. More often than not you get automatic verification and this entitles you to an HTTPS web address and the ability to show a secure padlock on your website.

There are some businesses which find having more security is useful. These businesses generally opt to purchase an EV (extended verification) certificate. You need to consider whether this is a necessary expense for your business as this type of certificate can cost more than $800. It’s a lot harder to be verified for this certificate, but you do have the benefit of your business being recognised for providing a high level of security.

Why is it important for your business to have an SSL certificate?

You have to make a decision as to which type of SSL certificate your business needs. Having one type or the other in place is necessary, in order to verify your level of security to users. If you need any more information about secure and effective websites, just click this link. In the meantime, we have hopefully shown you how important it is for you to invest in an SSL certificate for your business website. You have to give visitors to your website the confirmation they need that they are perfectly safe using the site as there online security is well catered for.

You should be able to see the benefits of investing in SSL certification. You just need to make a decision as to what level of certificate you need to put in place.

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