Joomla is an amazing system to help build a website in a very short amount of time. Thanks to its extensive interface and installable modules, almost anyone can build a site for any purpose. One of the keys that make it such an attractive system is the ability to use themes, also known as templates.

In the world of content management systems, themes are what govern over a site’s appearance. With a simple install, a developer can almost instantly change the look and feel of a website to be completely different. In many regards, it’s this aesthetic that will engage many visitors.

Although choosing the right Joomla hosting plan is important to the success of a site, never underestimate its visual appeal. The theme needs to be elegant, fast and responsive in today’s digital world.

5 Top Joomla Themes

Here are five of the top Joomla themes anyone can install today to add an amazing presence online.


Theme Forest is one of the premier places to go for amazing themes for Joomla. The Minima template has a great deal to offer anyone who wants to promote a more minimalist appearance. Why is this ideal for many? Because minimal designs are often some of the fastest websites on the Internet.

This theme comes with five different homepage designs, is based on bootstrap technology and can accommodate blog layouts. It comes with its own contact form, which eliminates the need to find a module should one be needed. The portfolio section is usable for up to four columns on a page, and backgrounds are easily uploaded to add more color to the site.

One of the more interesting elements of this theme is the drag-and-drop page builder that is included. Users can quickly create the perfect look and feel without trying to master PHP or HTML coding. This makes it ideal for businesses and other professionals who simply need an elegant site without needing extensive programming knowledge.

Design Control

For those who like the idea of having many positions to work with in a template, Design Control offers more than 90 of them which are collapsible. This theme has a wide range of capabilities that can help developers create virtually any site imaginable.

Using the Vertex framework from Shape5, this theme is responsive and includes a vast array of features. These include highlight colors, controlling parallax backgrounds, integrating fonts form Google and many more. In many ways, this theme allows builders to get started without requiring additional components or modules in the Joomla system.

Another key element of Design Control is the Vertex framework supports the newest versions of the most popular browsers. Because websites can look incredibly different when viewed between Internet Explorer and Firefox, making compatibility adjustments is tedious. That may not be the case when using Design Control on a Joomla hosting server.


Rocket Theme hosts an amazing template for Joomla called, Remnant. It’s an excellent platform for those who want to deliver multimedia files. For example, its built-in functions provide an ideal method for playing audio or video directly from the website. Add in its responsive design, and the site becomes a powerhouse for entertainment.

Remnant isn’t just perfect for actors and artists, though. The other features included in the template make it ideal for a variety of purposes. For example, developers have access to additional components for weather, image carousels, informational lists, pricing tables and Joomla Articles to share text-based content. Mobile devices will also have access to unique menus on the site for easy access.

This theme also includes a variety of elements that will help retain an audience. Custom typography control, Font Awesome icons, an unlimited number of positions to choose from and even a “Coming Soon” page for those who are in the middle of developing the site.


Fenya located at JoomlaPlates is an incredible responsive theme to consider. It comes with more than 40 module positions, custom typography and a real-time customizing layout to help engage visitors regardless of the site’s purpose. Flexible module widths and sidebar menus also give it versatility when it comes to adjusting the overall appearance.

This theme also incorporates animated modules, social buttons and Font Awesome icons to help add a bit more appeal for those visiting the site. Thanks to its architecture and design, Fenya is customizable by an unlimited number of colors. This helps greatly when trying to match the site to a business color scheme or logo.

One of the highlights to note is that Fenya also employs Gzip and minify compression. This means that it already has functionality as an optimized website for search engines before other extensions or adjustments are made. In essence, the website is already capable of being seen more often in sites like Google before content is even added.

Purity III

Simply yet effective is a common element in design on the Internet. The less activity a site has, the less time it takes to render. This translates to improved search engine optimization, and Purity III maybe one of the best choices for this aspect.

Purity III is a responsive design supporting Bootstrap 3, making it very compatible with other third-party extensions. It works well for hosting blogs as well as eCommerce. Its basic overall appearance makes it versatile for nearly any purpose while controlling its aesthetics allows developers to make it more unique to the site’s purpose.

Purity III comes with the customization tool, ThemeMagic. This delivers wide variety of possibilities as the tool can help design an incredible site whether it’s simple or robust. To top it all off, it also supports the RTL programming language. This means that those extensions can be added to create an even greater and more efficient website.

In closing…

Building a website quickly can easily be done through Joomla hosting platforms. Making it a success is up to the design ideas of the developer. Choose a theme that fits the purpose of the website. Even something like color schemes can make a difference in keeping visitors coming back for more.

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