Travelling is usually an unforgettable experience. Exploring new places and meeting new people can have a profound impact on your life. Or it can just be a light and fun journey. Either way, your travels are always worth remembering and sharing with friends and loved ones.

But that starts with good picture. And instagram filters and photo editors can’t save bad ones. Likewise, a poorly composed shot can preserve a memory, but it will make truly sharing your experiences nearly impossible. So here are 10 tips to improve the quality of your travel photos.

Take your time

Step back and take a breath before you shoot. Consider the composition and framing of your photos. Decide what you want to capture and how best to shoot it. If you’re in Rome and want to take a picture of the Colosseum, you don’t need to pull out your camera and start shooting immediately. It’s been around for almost 2,000 years. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Ten Tips for Amazing Travel Photos

Play around with perspective

Get down in the grass or climb a set of stairs. Find different way to look at and frame people, places and things. Don’t be afraid to break the rules of photography in order to capture something that looks interesting to you.

Rotate your camera

It’s easy to get into the habit of taking only vertical or only landscape pictures. Mix in both. Try to take some pictures at an angle. Fill the frame in a unique or even quirky way. A simple tilt of the camera can dramatically enhance picture.

Avoid calendar photos

Try not to take photos that you can find on a calendar or a postcard. If you want to get a shot of the Eiffel tower, you’d do better to take a picture of a rented scooter in front of it. Or a candid shot of your friends choosing the next destination. Whatever you do, make it unique to you.

Don’t be afraid to get in close

Both literally and figuratively. There’s no need to be shy around people you’ll never see again. Get close up to your subjects, and be engaged with your surroundings. Be apart of the moments you’re trying to capture. It will shine through your photos and your audience will appreciate it.

Don’t forget to step back

Don’t let the close up photos consume you. You also need to step back and appreciate your surroundings. Capture a group photo with the Grand Canyon as a backdrop. Or get a picture of the New York skyline from your balcony.

Take advantage of the weather

The weather on your trip probably won’t be perfect the entire time. But you can use that to your advantage. Snap a picture of a rainy day in Rio. Find beauty in an Eastern European snowstorm. And, when the sun does come out, make sure to plan accordingly. Take advantage of the sun and the lighting and shadows it creates.

Don’t forget about people

It sounds obvious, but it’s important to remind yourself to snap some shots the friends you’re travelling with, as well as the people you meet along the way. As an added bonus, it will give you a reason to reconnect with newfound friends when you get back home. It’s a guarantee that you’ll regret not taking pictures of the people who surrounded you.

Let your personality shine through

Be creative, and above all be yourself. If you have a habit of collecting bus tickets, get pictures of each ticket next to the bus you were just on. Or if you never travel without your pet, take a series of photos of them throughout your travels. Don’t be afraid to make your photos about you and who you are.

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