Learn how to make smoke effect illustration with this free photoshop tutorial. One of our easy to use free photoshop tutorials that we share here on imagincreation. Learn how to create an abstract on dark smoke effect with photoshop with this easy fast seven steps which will give you other inspiration to create other semilar effects.
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1 – Create some Shapes: I created some random shapes.

Create some random shapes

2 – Apply a Gaussian blur on each shape

Create some random shapes

3 – Using the liquify filter

Create some random shapes

4 – Positioning the shapes

Create some random shapes

5 – Adding some colors

Use the Hue/Saturation with the colorize selected to add some colors
Add a background color on the layer of the shape, otherwise the Hue/Saturation won’t work

6 – Creating a cloud behind the smoke

Creating the cloud
Set a feather with a high value, like 40 to 80, and after that apply the hue/saturation on the cloud too

7 – Adding a gradient to create an atmosphere

Create some random shapes
The gradient will give a atmosphere and more depth to the image

Final Result

Create some random shapes

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