In deciding which SERP Checker is better, you must look through the features that they come with, as well as the accuracy of the data they feed, and the pricing if it’s something you can afford, among other factors.
Are you struggling to decide which is a better SERP checker between Ubersuggest and Zutrix? Keep reading, and by the end of the article, you will be able to decide which one is better.

Ubersuggest is a popular SEO tool today because it was free for a long time. They began charging money for the software when they had enough users and found the perfect market for their product.
That’s one of the reasons why they already have so many businesses using it. However, it does not mean that it is the best SEO tool today. There are now several other SEO tools that can do better in serving data that is more accurate.

One of these tools is Zutrix, a simple but highly efficient AI-Powered rank tracking solution with perfect accuracy that helps businesses plan their business growth.
Let’s now take a look at the different solutions available and highlight the benefits of each.

Ubersuggest vs. Zutrix – Which is the Better SERP Checker

Starting with Ubersuggest

Domain Overview

This feature is your primary dashboard that offers a comprehensive overview of how your site is doing SEO. You can enter a keyword or domain, and you can outline all the metrics relevant to your query.

Here are the following data points you get from Ubersuggest Domain Overview:

  • Organic keywords
  • Monthly traffic
  • Domain score
  • Backlinks

For all the information, you’ll see graphs so that you can see the metrics by date and time, too.
A general list of the keywords for which your website is ranked is also available. The list of keywords will be displayed along with the volume, location and estimated visits to your site. You can also click on each keyword to see more general keyword detail.

When you click on a particular keyword, you’ll see data points about the keyword, such as:

  • Difficulty
  • Cost per click
  • Number of people who clicked on your pages
  • The average searcher’s age
  • The volume of traffic based on mobile and desktop

Keyword Suggestions

Knowing what keywords searchers type into the search engine can be a very effective insight to generate organic traffic for your site. To find keyword suggestions for your website, you can use the domain overview, as mentioned earlier. These suggestions would provide data on additional keywords and their frequency that you can incorporate into your content.

Additional details like how many backlinks the top 10 search results have and the domain score for each keyword can be seen by clicking on your chosen keyword. This helps you consider which keywords may be too difficult to target, and which keywords may be suitable for targeting.

Content Ideas

Ubersuggest is designed with a powerful tool for content ideas that will show you what your competitors are writing about. You enter a keyword, and you will be presented with page titles and URLs.

Site Audit

The Site Audit feature from Ubersuggest will suggest a way you can improve your SEO. If anything has a detrimental effect on your SEO, it will supply you with errors. All the errors will have a clear explanation of what is wrong and how you can fix it.

Ubersuggest vs. Zutrix – Which is the Better SERP Checker


Zutrix is an AI-powered tool that provides users with accurate data about their SEO efforts, competitors, and insights on how to outrank their competitors. With Zutrix, you can track several keywords for your domain, view results in a list and a graph over time, and limit the search by device and location – among many other features you are about to discover as you keep reading.

Zutrix Features

SERP Checks
This feature tells you how high you rate in the SERP for every keyword you enter. You can get the following data when you run SERP Search on Zutrix:

Rank: This tells you where your domain ranks for your keyword and the URL getting the traffic in the top 100 results.

Volume: Let’s see the sum of traffic for your keyword that your domain gets.
Average Change: Watch how far up or down your rank has gone. See the specifics for your keyword, too, and monitor in a graph over time.

Search By :

Region: This function allows you to choose the API region you’re running your search on. For example, you can search globally or Google US, or Google Canada.

Location: Let’s you narrow your search by city name.

Device Targeting

  • Desktop / Mobile Results
  • Device-Based SERP Features
  • Device-Based Location Results

Device targeting enables you to track rankings for desktops and mobile devices. View, compare, and improve website performance in desktop and mobile search.

AI-Powered Results

  • AI-Powered Accuracy & Metrics
  • Always Accurate & Stable Results
  • Ultra Advanced Reporting

Take a quick look at the metrics and discover what you need to know. The results are reported in the easiest way possible, as this Google ranking tool helps you gain all the required insights by only taking a look at your screen.

Live Sharing

  • Create Unique Links
  • Live Share with Restrictions
  • Optional Sharing

With the Live Sharing function, you can share live reports with your team or clients. By creating unique links, you can send the link to specific people you’d like to share your data with.
Real-Time Notifications

  • Telegram, Slack & E-Mail Notifications
  • Custom Rules for Efficiency
  • Custom Frequency

With Zutrix, you never miss ups and downs in your ranking movement. Zutrix notifies you instantly when your pages move up or down the SERP for a particular keyword. You can choose to receive notifications on either Telegram, Slack, or E-Mail.

Competitor Tracking

  • Unlimited Competitors
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Smart Suggestions

Zutrix will let you know whether or not you will outrank your competitor. The software lets you know the degree of difficulty of outranking your rivals. It also tracks competitor’s behavior, SERP rankings, and even their strategies. In the end, you can come up with your ideas about content creation in a more effective way, as the tool also suggests new strategies to outrank your competitors.

Keyword Lab

  • SERP Features Analysis
  • Domain Authority, Z-Rating & CTR
  • Search Volume & Competition Analysis

In using Zutrix keyword lab, you can research relevant keywords and gain insight into the estimated search volume, level of competition, keyword difficulty, and a list of the domains that rank for the keyword, along with their domain authority and Z-rating.

Final Thoughts on Zutrix and Ubersuggest

Now that you know all the details about Zutrix and Ubersuggest, you can make an informed decision about which SERP Checker is the best for you. However, I’d trust Zutrix over Ubersuggest because of its pinpoint accuracy sponsored by its AI technology.

Besides that, the features provide detailed and easy-to-understand data any newbie can implement in his SEO. Above all, it is designed with more useful features (compared to Ubersuggest) that can help you get to the first page of Google.

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