This is a simple photoshop tutorial to show you how to create a tattoo on any skin body picture. Lear how to add tattoos on any skin in some easy steps with Adobe Photoshop By following this easy photoshop tutorial.
This free photoshop tutorial is made by Easy-Psd.

First we need a tattoo design and a picture with some exposed skin, We will use this two pictures :

Now I will work a little bit with the tattoo design . I will cut out the logo and i will pick up just the black color. For this i will delete the logo using the Eraser Tool and then from Select-Color Range I will pick up just the black area of the picture. Then go to Select-Invert and press delete . Now my tattoo design look like this:

Now we have to add the tattoo . First open the image on witch you want to add the tattoo but let the tattoo design image opened. Now go to the tattoo design , copy it and paste it on the other picture . You should have something like this:

The tattoo doesn’t fit with the image so we will adjust it . Press ctrl+T and from Scale make it the right size and from Rotate adjust his position . After scale and rotate adjustments my image look like this:

Now the image is almost ready. Put the layer mode on Multiply and the Opacity to 70% .

Now your image is ready.

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