We collected on this article 10 of the best free wordpress sidebar plugins and widgets that you can use on your wp blog. This plugins and widgets will make your wordpress blogs more flexible. The sidebar wordpress plugins are too useful and can be added anywhere on your website.
This plugins will help you also to build a professional blog design in order to reach the success you are looking for and will improve your sidebar structure by giving more accessible to your visitors, you should choose the ones you think that suit your needs and let us know what you think about this List! You can also check our other article : 15+ Best Comments Plugins For WordPress.

Ad Code Widget Plugin

Maintain the ads you display in your sidebar and in your blog.


Login With Ajax

Cool widget plugin that allows your blog members to login using the ajax technologies.


Visitors Map and Who’s Online Widget

Display a who’s online widget.


Subscription Options

Allow you to add the classical icons for subscription: twitter, rss feed and email of course effortless.


Alexa Ranking Plugin


Twitter Blender

Displays twitter updates in a simple widget box in your sidebar.


WordPress Newsletter Widget


Recent Comments by Entry

Display the latest comments and also the entry where they were posted.


Post videos and photo galleries

Maintain your media works and place them into your blog sidebar.


WP Carousel

WP Carousel is a plugin that create a carousel with a category’s posts, and you can put it anywhere on the sidebar or blog.


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