Beautiful 150+ free glossy crystal clear web icons collection with .PNG format. The most cute and amazing crystal icons that you can use on any web design, prints, media, applications and web graphics projects.
These icons set are made by Everaldo Coelho and can be downloaded in a single package at Open Icon Library, You can also view these icons sorted by type, All images’ real size is 128px, The icons are licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

Actions icons set

Crystal Clear action 1uparrow.png Crystal Clear action 2downarrow.png Crystal Clear action 2rightarrow.png Crystal Clear action apply.png Crystal Clear action bookmark.png Crystal Clear action build.png Crystal Clear action configure.png Crystal Clear action db comit.png Crystal Clear action db status.png Crystal Clear action decrypted.png Crystal Clear action down.png Crystal Clear action edit remove.png Crystal Clear action editcopy.png Crystal Clear action editdelete.png Crystal Clear action encrypted.png Crystal Clear action filefind.png Crystal Clear action fileprint.png Crystal Clear action find.png Crystal Clear action fonts.png Crystal Clear action frameprint.png Crystal Clear action history.png Crystal Clear action lock.png Crystal Clear action lock-silver.png Crystal Clear action news subscribe.png Crystal Clear action player play.png Crystal Clear action reload.png Crystal Clear action seyon.png Crystal Clear action spellcheck.png Crystal Clear action tab new.png Crystal Clear action tab.png Crystal Clear action view bottom.png Crystal Clear action view detailed.png Crystal Clear action view left right.png Crystal Clear action view remove.png Crystal Clear action view text.png Crystal Clear action view tree.png Crystal Clear action viewmag.png Crystal Clear action viewmag1.png Crystal Clear action window fullscreen.png Crystal Clear action window nofullscreen.png Crystal Clear app clean.png (do it, done, doable)
Crystal Clear app 3d.png Crystal Clear action configure.png Crystal Clear app aim.png Crystal Clear app aim3.png Crystal Clear app All software is current.png Crystal Clear app antivirus.png Crystal Clear app ark.png Crystal Clear app artscontrol.png Crystal Clear app atlantikdesigner.png Crystal Clear app background.png Crystal Clear app browser.png Crystal Clear app business.png Crystal Clear app calc.png Crystal Clear app camera.png Crystal Clear app cervisia.png Crystal Clear app clicknrun.png Crystal Clear app Community Help.png Crystal Clear app database.png Crystal Clear app demo.png Crystal Clear app desktopshare.png Crystal Clear app download manager.png Crystal Clear app energy star.png Crystal Clear app file-manager.png Crystal Clear app fonts.png Crystal Clear app gaimphone.png Crystal Clear app galeon.png Crystal Clear app gimp.png Crystal Clear app harddrive.png Crystal Clear app help index.png Crystal Clear app hwinfo.png Crystal Clear app input devices settings.png Crystal Clear app internet.png Crystal Clear app k3b.png Crystal Clear app kaddressbook.png Crystal Clear app kappfinder.png Crystal Clear app karm.png Crystal Clear app katomic.png

Crystal Clear app kbattleship.png Crystal Clear app kbounce.png Crystal Clear app kcmdevices.png Crystal Clear app kcmmemory.png Crystal Clear app kcmpartitions.png Crystal Clear app kcmprocessor.png Crystal Clear app kcoloredit.png Crystal Clear app kdeprintfax.png Crystal Clear app kdict.png Crystal Clear app kdvi.png Crystal Clear app kenolaba.png Crystal Clear app key bindings.png Crystal Clear app keyboard.png Crystal Clear app kfilereplace.png Crystal Clear app kfloppy.png Crystal Clear app kfm.png Crystal Clear app kget.png Crystal Clear app kgoldrunner.png Crystal Clear app khelpcenter.png Crystal Clear app kjobviewer.png Crystal Clear app klaptop.png Crystal Clear app klines.png Crystal Clear app kllckety.png Crystal Clear app kmenu.png Crystal Clear app kmines.png Crystal Clear app knotes.png Crystal Clear app kodo.png Crystal Clear app konquest.png Crystal Clear app kontact.png Crystal Clear app kopete.png Crystal Clear app korn.png Crystal Clear app kpaint.png Crystal Clear app kpersonalizer.png Crystal Clear app kpoker.png Crystal Clear app kpresenter.png Crystal Clear app kreversi.png Crystal Clear app ksame.png Crystal Clear app kscreensaver.png Crystal Clear app kshisen.png Crystal Clear app ksmiletris.png Crystal Clear app ksnapshot.png Crystal Clear app kspaceduel.png Crystal Clear app kspread.png Crystal Clear app ksysguard.png Crystal Clear app ktalkd.png Crystal Clear app kthememgr.png Crystal Clear app ktouch.png Crystal Clear app kuser.png Crystal Clear app kwallet.png Crystal Clear app kwin4.png Crystal Clear app kworldclock.png Crystal Clear app kxkb.png Crystal Clear app laptop pcmcia.png Crystal Clear app launch.png Crystal Clear app linphone.png Crystal Clear app linuxconf.png Crystal Clear app lists.png Crystal Clear app Login Manager.png Crystal Clear app looknfeel.png Crystal Clear app lreminder.png Crystal Clear app lsongs.png Crystal Clear app mail.png Crystal Clear app messenger.png Crystal Clear app miscellaneous.png Crystal Clear app mozilla-mail.png Crystal Clear app mp3.png Crystal Clear app musicstore.png Crystal Clear app my documents.png Crystal Clear app mydocuments.png Crystal 128 mymac.png Crystal Clear app neotux.png Crystal Clear app Network Connection Manager.png Crystal Clear app network.png Crystal Clear app noatun.png Crystal Clear app os-support.png Crystal Clear app package games arcade.png Crystal Clear app package games strategy.png Crystal Clear app package graphics.png Crystal Clear app package network.png Crystal Clear app package utilities.png Crystal Clear app package.png Crystal Clear app password.png Crystal Clear app phppg.png Crystal Clear app proxy.png Crystal Clear app quick restart.png Crystal Clear app reminders.png Crystal Clear app restart.png Crystal Clear app Service Manager.png Crystal Clear app sharemanager.png Crystal Clear app sipphone.png Crystal Clear app Staroffice.png Crystal Clear app Startup Wizard 2.png Crystal Clear app stylesheet.png Crystal Clear app Synaptics touchpad.png Crystal Clear app thunderbird.png Crystal Clear app usb.png Crystal Clear app vcalendar.png Crystal Clear app virus detected.png Crystal Clear app voice-support.png Crystal Clear app warehause.png Crystal Clear app wifi.png Crystal Clear app windows users.png Crystal Clear app winprops.png Crystal Clear app x.png Crystal Clear app xclock.png Crystal Clear app xfmail.png Crystal Clear app xmag.png Crystal Clear app gimp.png Crystal Clear Password.png Crystal Clear device 3floppy mount.png Crystal Clear device camera.png Crystal Clear device cdrom unmount.png Crystal Clear device cdwriter unmount.png Crystal Clear device dvd mount.png Crystal Clear device floppy unmount.png Crystal Clear app harddrive.png Crystal Clear device keyboard.png Crystal Clear device mp3player2.png Crystal Clear device nfs unmount.png Crystal Clear device pda blue.png Crystal Clear device print class.png Crystal Clear device tablet.png Crystal Clear device usbpendrive mount.png Crystal Clear device zip mount.png Crystal Clear filesystem blockdevice.png Crystal Clear filesystem desktop.png Crystal Clear filesystem file important.png Crystal Clear filesystem file temporary.png Crystal Clear filesystem folder desktop.png Crystal Clear filesystem folder green.png Crystal Clear filesystem folder grey.png Crystal Clear filesystem folder home3.png Crystal Clear filesystem folder image.png Crystal Clear filesystem folder lin.png Crystal Clear filesystem folder music.png Crystal Clear filesystem folder public.png Crystal Clear filesystem folder sound.png Crystal Clear filesystem folder txt.png Crystal Clear filesystem folder yellow.png Crystal Clear filesystem lockoverlay.png Crystal Clear app network.png Crystal Clear filesystem socket.png Crystal Clear filesystem trashcan full.png


Crystal Clear kdm user male.png Crystal Clear kuser2.png

MIME types

Crystal Clear mimetype cdimage.png Crystal Clear mimetype cdtrack.png Crystal Clear mimetype core.png Crystal Clear mimetype document.png Crystal Clear mimetype dvi.png Crystal Clear mimetype file temporary.png Crystal Clear mimetype font type1.png Crystal Clear mimetype html.png Crystal Clear mimetype image2.png Crystal Clear mimetype karbon karbon.png Crystal Clear mimetype kexi kexi.png Crystal Clear mimetype koffice.png Crystal Clear mimetype kugardata.png Crystal Clear mimetype make.png Crystal Clear mimetype message.png Crystal Clear mimetype midi.png Crystal Clear mimetype mime txt.png Crystal Clear mimetype mime-postscript.png Crystal Clear mimetype misc.png Crystal Clear mimetype php.png Crystal Clear mimetype postscript.png Crystal Clear mimetype readme.png Crystal Clear mimetype resource.png Crystal Clear mimetype schedule.png Crystal Clear mimetype soffice.png Crystal Clear mimetype source c.png Crystal Clear mimetype source f.png Crystal Clear mimetype source j.png Crystal Clear mimetype source l.png Crystal Clear mimetype source o.png Crystal Clear mimetype source php.png Crystal Clear mimetype source py.png Crystal Clear mimetype source y.png Crystal Clear mimetype spreadsheet.png Crystal Clear mimetype templates.png Crystal Clear mimetype txt.png Crystal Clear mimetype vcalendar.png Crystal Clear mimetype vectorgfx.png Crystal Clear mimetype widget doc.png Crystal Clear mimetype zip.png

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