An in-house marketing team of specialists assigned to create strategies and implement them effectively can be both costly and rewarding. Expertise in marketing is a valuable asset to a company. However, the rise of algorithmic automated methods of marketing is rightly displacing a large team of personnel in favor of a smaller team that works to the recommendations and data provisions of automated systems. In order to streamline your marketing expenditure and make your marketing efforts more efficient, read the article below on how to build automation into your marketing team.

How to Integrate Automation into Your Marketing Team


Having a dedicated marketing team working on enhancing your brand image and profitability is useful, of course. However, having that team slave away on the minutiae of data, assembling complex spreadsheets to evaluate the efficiency of your current regime and the areas where you can improve, might be seen as a waste of time when much of the number-crunching can be automated. Whether you use established Google Analytics software or create your own easy-to-use Excel spreadsheets to input data into, you’ll find that integrating a level of computerized help will speed up the process.

Engage with Apps

The experts at have compiled a handy list of some of the most effective marketing apps that’ll justify their price tag speedily thanks to their incredible power in data yielding, presentation and analysis. Marketing apps automate all those nitty-gritty parts of marketing that help you achieve engagement, brand awareness and your bottom line with more efficiency. Integrating them into your marketing team is as simple as taking the tutorials and reading the reviews, understanding where the most value is to be extracted and getting your current team on board with these useful, cost-saving pieces of software.

Data Gathering

It’s widely appreciated that data of all kinds is a valuable asset to a company. It can include everything from email correspondence to time spent on site; click-through rates to SEO rankings. With such a wide array of data to collect, automating the gathering of your data is a crucial point which your business will benefit from. It will leave you with far more data to understand the position of your company if you were to go without the help of computerized systems.


Marketing is a reactive industry, and to stay ahead of the curve, it’s incredibly useful to have automated alerts. These alerts will point your marketing team towards inadequacies or successful content that you’ll then be able to grow from. Using software or apps that monitor your marketing material, analyzing them against each other, will slowly allow you to hone the perfect piece of content marketing, with exactly the right keywords to draw in additional visitors and custom to your business. Keep your finger on the pulse, and your eye on trending campaigns, through automated marketing assistance. You will then act as a far more reactive marketing enterprise.

Marketing involves a great deal of work, and much of this is well-handled by automated processes. Bear the details of this article in mind to help you achieve streamlined, efficient and concise marketing goals.

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