Getting a new PC set up to your requirements is a long and expensive process – you research the latest tech, spend thousands on the best model, and then have to buy all the software before you can start using it. For creative arts students and those on a budget, it can be almost impossible to get the graphic design, video-editing or Adobe Photoshop set-up you need.

How to Equip Your New PC with the Latest Software on the Cheap

We’ve searched up all the most popular software to find it at the best prices or even for free, so you don’t end up paying hundreds of your hard-earned dollars unnecessarily For anything you need that’s not featured on this list, a little bit of online research can lead you to finding the software you need for way cheaper than in big computer stores.

Be aware though: always buy or download genuine products. Fake knock-off software can really screw up your computer and set you back even more costs.

Let’s get started!

Cheap Microsoft Office

This is obviously a must-have program for everyone. You won’t get far as a student without Word and PowerPoint, and for business, you need Excel.

Buy Microsoft Office online for cheap through SoftwareKeep at a fraction of store prices, with even bigger discounts for students. Research which package you need – people are often caught out by buying a product which can only be used on one PC. If you need the program for more than one computer, look at the larger deals available.

For business, you might require an international package. Get money off all packages when buying online, and start using the product within seconds.

Adobe Program Coupons

For creatives, Adobe is the pinnacle of PC programs. From Photoshop and InDesign to Illustrator, having Adobe skills is a key attribute that will make you attractive to employers.

Adobe’s own site often offers discounts and coupon codes – just keep an eye on it. They do regular sales and have massive offers for students and teachers. If you can’t afford it yourself, pitch the benefits to your school and see if you can get a subscription that way.

Adobe also now offering a subscription service where you pay monthly to access the programs rather than buy outright, which is a much more affordable method for many.

There are also plenty of online software outlets where you can purchase Adobe suites and download them straight to your computer. Google searches are the best way to unearth great deals.

Get FREE Antivirus

This one is even more important than your Microsoft Office suite – antivirus is vital for keeping your computer running. Even surfing-trusted sites will get your computer infected these days, often through email links and rogue adverts accidentally clicked on.

Fear not, for as long as you have legitimate antivirus software your searches will be safe and secure. Again, getting these online is your best bet as retailers often very convincingly upgrade you to packages you don’t need when buying in store.

Luckily, there are loads of free antivirus programs you can download within seconds. Windows Defender, Avira, AVG, Panda and Avast are all FREE protective resources for PC users, while Mac users should check out Avast or Sophos for instant safety from viruses.

If you find that your computer is already infected, there are also free programs to scan and remove viruses. Search Ad-Aware for PCs, and Malwarebytes for both PC and Mac users.

FREE Video-Editing Software

Are you a budding vlogger, or want to get into media production? Look no further than these awesome free resources for video-editing online.

HitFilm 4 Express comes with loads of features of the HitFilm Pro, just without the eye-watering $400 price tag. BlackMagic DaVinci Resolve, Blender, and Lightworks are all free to download and well worth looking at.

For more professional systems, check out Adobe Premiere and Adobe Creative Cloud. But remember, never buy them at full price – grab them in the frequent sales!

Republished by Imagincreation