As a business owner, having a blog on your website is one of the most important elements you can had to your marketing campaign. A blog is how you can keep your content completely up to date and ever-changing, which is ideal for SEO purposes, but also for allowing your visitors to see how much of an expert you are in your field. Blog posts are also great for using in conjunction with social media, and are perfect for posting so that they can then be shared far and wide. However, although a blog is good for your overall marketing purposes, it won’t be much help until people are aware of it – that’s why you also need to market your blog. Here are some ways to do it.

5 Ways To Market Your Blog

Look At Others

If you want your blog to be successful, you need to know how to write it and present it. This is why looking at other blogs that you admire and taking ideas on what to do from there can be a useful exercise. We don’t mean that you should copy the blog directly (this will actually damage your chances when it comes to ranking highly in Google, and it will also look bad for your overall reputation), but you should be able to use it for inspiration. Choose five or 10 different blogs that you enjoy reading and combine the best elements of all of them to make a blog that is readable, interesting, and shareable.

Have A Brand

If you can create a brand for yourself and if your blog adheres to that brand then it will be easier to market it. People will recognize that brand straight away, and immediately know what you expect in terms of quality and content. This removes one of the obstacles of marketing, making it a lot easier because you don’t have to add the issue of telling people who and what you are.

You can create a brand in a number of different ways, such as having a logo that you place on your vehicle and clothing, and a tone of voice that is present throughout, no matter whether you are writing your blog or instructions for a product that you sell. Create flyers and signage for your business that reflects your brand, and make sure people see it – they will want to know more about your blog if you make your brand an interesting one. View here if you need some ideas on how to do it.

Use Social Media

As mentioned above, social media is hugely important for marketing in business, and it is where you can easily and efficiently market your blog too. Creating a social media page on the same platform that the majority of your customers will use (to discover this you will need to perform detailed research into your target market) is not a long, drawn-out process, but you should take your time over it. Using the branding that you have already created, make sure that the page looks both interesting and professional. Using a good profile picture may not seem like something you need to concern yourself with, but this is what people will see first when they are coming to your page, and if it is unprofessional or off-putting in any way, they won’t go any further.

When it comes to content on these social media pages, your blog will work perfectly. Once it is written, use the link as the basis of your social media post, and ensure people click through you to your blog. The more they enjoy it they more they will share it, and this will have an ever-increasing ripple effect, gaining you more and more readers. Keep your content updated regularly, and those readers will return and, if your aim is for them to buy from you, over time this will happen.

Be Visually Appealing

Looks, when it comes to your blog, mean a lot. The better set out it is, the better the images look, the better the overall design is, the more professional people will feel your business is. Take time not only to write interesting content, but to set it out properly as well. If anything paragraph is out of line with the rest, or some of the text is a different size or font, then make sure you fix these visual problems before making the blog live. Otherwise you will immediately push people away. The content could be amazing and the most informative they will ever read, written by a true expert, but if it doesn’t look good then no one will get that far.

Content Is King

Once your blog is built and you have social media pages ready to receive its link, and your brand is everywhere, you need to ensure that the content on your blog is worth people’s time to read. You need to make it interesting, but you also need to ensure that it relates back to you and your business. Always have a call to action at the end to remind people that you have exactly what they need to deal with the problem that you outlined in your blog post. Give your contact details even though you’re on your own site where they can find those details themselves; giving them all the information possible will make it easier on them and make them think well of you.

Content means something different to everyone, of course, and just because a blog tends to be hundreds of written words that doesn’t have to be the case when you write it. You might choose instead to use mostly images with some informative captions, or perhaps a video. You might collage all of your social media posts into one piece of content at the end of each week, and form a story from them. Do what works for your brand and your business, and what is best for you. If all the elements add up, you will find that your blog almost markets itself.

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