Intelligence is the new fashion of the world. People tend to buy advanced home appliances, which can do plenty of smart things. Fridge that orders for you any missing food? No worries. A robot that acts as a professional nurse for your grandmother? Easy! Or, maybe you need a futuristic cleaner for your house that can work independently by scanning and analyze the surroundings?

Moving away from the brainy robots, you can also observe through the news how fast artificial intelligence algorithms getting inside the IT technologies. One of such rapidly developing IT areas is an auto photo editing. Modern amateur photographers now have a unique ability to improve their work, while simultaneously saving their time. All of it – by using AI or AI-like software.

And here are some of these solutions.

  1. PhotoEQ

PhotoEQ has a magic power to bring your photos to the highest level of photo enhancement. It is a great program for an amateur photographer with the occasional photo editing needs.

It allows you to perform the plethora of actions with the batch of photos just in one operation. PhotoEQ intelligent color correction tool solves white balance, contrast, and exposure problems automatically. This program also supports single-editing mode if you want to work with each taken snap individually.

Good to know that photo editing operations here are non-destructive. So, feel free to use image-editing tools together with the color correction, or separately.

Thus, PhotoEQ is an awesome tool for those in a rush or who have a little desire to dig inside the advanced multiple-step image-editing techniques.

  1. Focus Photoeditor

Focus Photoeditor is a powerful and easy-to-use image editor.

It is truly a monster of an automatic image adjustment. You have an access to the dozens of advanced clever tools. Here some of them: Effective and Intelligent Automatic Corrections, Quick Fix Wizard and Smart Color Replacement. And, of course, you can apply all of these tools to the bunch of photos at one time.

Moreover, Focus Photoeditor supports Photoshop plugins and can act as a web-image browser. However, you will need to pay a bit for such a pleasure.

  1. PhotoFlexer

Feeling lazy to mess around with the software installation? Then PhotoFlexer tool is right for you. Simple and user-friendly, this online photo editor is able to perform excellent retouching, color and light enhancing with other types of auto-corrections. It uses artificial intelligence algorithms trained specifically to recognize the object on its background. Once defined, the object can be carved from the picture and placed on the other scene. The same technology is used here to recolor hair or skin. We are hoping that they will add batch photo processing to its advantages soon.

  1. Fotor

Fotor is another fascinating online photo enhancer. Developers state that you need only one tap to make all key adjustments to any image.

Fotors’ secret is in the use of a single comprehensive function that intelligently combines a lot of different features. Simply, merging an exposure compensation and color correction in one action will show you how beautiful your photo can be.

Visit their site and be pleased with its modern design and extremely fine usability. Another Fotors’ advantage – it is free!

  1. Photolemur

5 Smart Photo Enhancer Tools

Are you a geek lover and like everything powered by artificial intelligence? Here is other smart solution for you – Photolemur  is the world’s first automatic photo enhancement solution.

This strong tool analyzes millions of pixels per second, making a high precision determination of the image defects. After that, it is performing immediate quality corrections – super fast and naturally automatic. As any AI algorithms, it was trained for a long time to make your image-editing process easier and funnier.

Do you want to be among the first users of Photolemur? Sign up and get Beta version via their website!

Republished by Imagincreation