Having a responsive layout that is attractive for Drupal can work wonders when it comes to keeping visitors interested. Although the content will bring them in, it’s the appearance of the site that improves the amount of time people will stay on its pages. Because of this, it’s important to have a great theme when using Drupal.

However, just having a great theme isn’t going to be enough. Because so many people use smartphones and tablets for Internet access, the site needs to be responsive as well. Unfortunately, not all themes compatible with Drupal hosting look nice on a smaller resolution.

Below are five high-quality themes for Drupal that offers a responsive edge sites need today. The hardest part is picking one that fits the purpose of the website.

  1. Awesome

The developers at Zymphonies have an elegant and appealing theme called, “Awesome.” This layout delivers just about anything needed to create a stunning business website. It comes with a variety of options and customizing is relatively easy for giving it that unique appearance.

5 High Quality Responsive Drupal Themes

Awesome is a design perfect for businesses, corporations, agencies or even personal websites. Although most will take advantage of what the theme has to offer in terms of a company, it has potential to be valuable to virtually anyone. It’s a free theme that will help the site get up and running in minutes.

One of the features of Awesome is the ability to shift between one, two or three column layouts to accommodate a wide scope of content separation. Four columns are available in the footer providing ample space to keep certain lists separate. This makes it perfect for keeping social links easy to find from other materials.

For those who want to integrate social media, Awesome provides an easy way to share those profiles automatically. It comes built with everything needed to share social media with all visitors by merely inputting the profile’s link.

  1. Zircon

Zircon, from WeebPal.com, is a nice and useful theme as it includes several ways to incorporate more functionality. For instance, those who want to host a forum to help visitors may find this theme’s layout to be engaging.

Site owners have a range of customization options available such as using slideshows or carousels to show off images. This would be perfect for those who want to show off everything from services to products. It may also work great for artists who simply want to show off their works.

Zircon uses some of the more current methods of developing a website. It incorporates HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 3 and even Font Awesome in order to add more functionality and versatility to the layout. This also means that the site will have great potential for speed while improving search engine optimization.

  1. Corked Screwer

For those looking for a more colorful appearance, the Corked Screwer theme displaying at Drupalizing.com has a nice responsive touch to its layout. There are a total of 15 regions available for customizing ranging from the Header to the footer, and everything in between.

Corked Screwer supports up to three-column layouts, multi-level drop-down menus and specific theme settings for the image slideshow. For example, users can control the speed, randomness, pausing and wrapping of the homepage slideshow displayed in the theme.

All of the common features for Drupal themes are available such as: logo, site name, slogan, comment pictures, favicons and more. It uses the breadcrumb display, which helps visitors backtrack content after landing on a webpage directly from search engines.

The designers of Corked Screwer implement an organized CSS file to improve customizing as well as overall functionality. This includes sections such as the comment buttons, images, search blocks, logins and more.

  1. Business Responsive

Another theme from Zymphonies that may be of interest is that of the Business Responsive Theme. Although it was originally developed in 2013, Zymphonies keeps the updates semi-regular and it still has an exceptional layout for virtually any kind of website.

One of the highlights to Business Responsive is the HTML5 makeup. It’s optimized for a clean site which reduces the time it loads in search engines. The overall site itself uses a minimalist design with an appealing typography that gives it a professional look.

For those who love the idea of using regions to customize the appearance, Business Responsive has 20 of them available for a variety of purposes. It comes in a one and two-column layout to help serve specific needs and is built with a custom front-page which uses four block regions. This gives site owners a lot of versatility when it comes to adding a myriad of different content and modules.


  1. Progressive

The Progressive theme found at Themeforest.net is a striking display of what can be done for an interactive website. Its layout is nearly perfect for virtually any purpose and is Retina ready. The developer also included more than 50 pages that cover a wide range of uses, which may save some time in developing content.

One of the reasons why this is such an impressive theme is the use of HTML5, CSS3 and extensive compatibility across many mobile browsers. This helps when it comes to delivering the same experience to everyone regardless of what operating system or browser they use.

This theme hosts more than 200 items to help website owners create the most amazing experience possible. Animations, charts, Google Maps, post sliders, progression bars, shop elements and much more are available. With more than 80 user interface elements available, Progressive can fit in just about any situation. Because the coding is clean and the layout has been professionally optimized, Progressive is a good choice for SEO needs.

A Layout Is Only the Beginning…

A website driven by Drupal hosting is easy to maintain. Once that perfect theme is installed, all that is needed is content to drive traffic. Give the target audience something nice to look at when they arrive. The right theme can be just the thing to improve visitor retention and engagement for any purpose.

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