20+ Wood Patterns For Photoshop

Awesome set of 20+ grunge wood patterns for Photoshop free to download and to use on your web design projects. this awesome set includes a seamless wood patterns, the famous African Ebony wood patterns, black cherry wooden patterns, cedar and dark mahony wood patterns and much more. This wood patterns comes in .PAT source file for Photoshop and .JPG files for the ones who use another software. All Web graphics designers Affirm that wood texture pattern has become the new glossy grunge style to use for the 2014 artwork creations. Web Designers and Web Developers always look for a high quality resolution Patterns in order to use on the creative artwork project. We selected for you ones of the best free Wood Patterns For Photoshop that will suit your needs. Please if you like this post share it with your friends and follow us on Imagincreation Google+, Imagincreation Facebook Page and Imagincreation on Twitter to get all the latest updates.

Wood Patterns For Photoshop

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Wood Patterns For Photoshop

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A nice set of wood patterns textures for Photoshop free to download. Download this awesome wood textures and patterns for your artworks and web design graphics. Free 38 Patterns Textures in .BMP format for easy conversion on any program that supports something similar to textures and patterns. Most programs use .BMP and .JPG format anyways. (more…)

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